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Many of you have experienced this after training….DOMS or Delayed Onset of Muscular Soreness is a sadly unavoidable side effect of hard work in the gym.

The idea of it being caused by lactic acid build up in the muscle has been disproved and the common theory now is that it is due to microscopic tears in the muscle fibre and the inflammation that follows. It can appear anywhere from 24-48 hours after exercise and can last up to several days depending on the intensity of the exercise and how accustomed the muscle is to that type of training.

Does it mean you are injured? No.

Does it mean you should stop exercising? No.

Does it mean you cant exercise again until it is gone? Not necessarily.

Does it mean you have pushed yourself past the point where your muscles are comfortable and therefore forcing them to adapt and change? Absolutely.

Your body is smarter than you think, and will try its hardest to adapt to whatever stimulus you give it. If you are doing 3 sets of 10, on the same weight, on the same machine, once a week, every week, you are not giving your body anything new to challenge it and so it has no reason to change.

‘What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you’

I’m not sure who said that but they make a very good point. If you want results then chances are you will have to work hard for them. Will your DOMS be the same every week? No. And some weeks you might not feel it at all, you should however be looking to make small improvements each week. In weight lifted, minutes on the treadmill, 2 extra reps on the bench, whatever it is make sure you are working your ass off!


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