Before photo - New Years Eve 2014                             After photo - Our wedding2

”Having over-indulged at Christmas, we realised that our big day was looming so we booked a trial session with Alex and knew straight away that we’d done the right thing – and, just in time!

We trained twice a week with Alex and our whole attitude to exercise and nutrition changed. We both dropped 2 sizes and our friends and family couldn’t believe the difference!
On our wedding day, we both felt a million dollars – our objective had been achieved! We can’t recommend Alex highly enough – whatever your goals, Alex will listen and identify how to reach them. He varies the sessions so they are focused, challenging and fun, and keeps track of your progress.
Alex is professional, supportive and motivational – everyone needs an Alex in their life!”

Caroline and Tim Wild

“Alex got me back into an exercise routine and helped me slim down in preparation for my wedding. He was incredibly willing to work around my long commute, not only with his own flexibility in training times, but with the training and diet advice provided. He took the time to understand what did and didn’t work for me, and came up with a plan accordingly. The pace of training was measured, always pushing me to progress and do more, but at a manageable pace. Alex is reliable, discrete and a pleasure to train with – highly recommended!”
“I have benefited greatly from having Alex as a personal trainer. He listened to me and immediately he understood how I felt. He gave me a diet plan that worked for me as well as an exercise plan for the days in between my weekly sessions.

Hannah Bloxham

I have gained fitness and stamina my body looks better than it has done for quite a few years! I have lost a dress size and some inches and for the first time since I had four children, I had the body confidence to wear a bikini on holiday this year. The weekly sessions keep me motivated and moving forward with new goals. Thanks again Alex”

Carolyn P.

”Alex has enabled me to balance my lifestyle; from the way I use food, to the way I exercise . I am a 50 something vicar with a full diary and more than a few health issues. Alex has firmly but fairly assessed my needs, encouraged my attendance, and helped me to help myself improve my overall fitness and health. I know the only person who can develop a good life style for me is myself, but with Alex on board it is an informed journey that will be a good foundation for many more years.”

Rev’d Lesley-ann Craddock.

”I signed up with Alex whilst working in Hertfordshire and highly recommend his services. As well as meticulous detail in regards to diet and the workout sessions I also appreciated the advice in regards to other exercise done outside of our sessions.

The prominent reason I continued with Alex is the benefits and difference noticed as a result of the workouts. I liked the variety and was definitely made to work during the sessions. As well as these being in the gym this also included outdoor sessions and the plan was structured in regards to what muscle groups to target. Unfortunately I had to stop due to my work in Hertfordshire coming to an end and not being local. But if I end up working in the area again I will sign up again with Alex no hesitation.”

Rob Zirpolo