I offer 1-to-1 and group sessions. All personal training is exactly that, personal. My approach is to look at the body as a whole taking into account lifestyle, experience, injuries and posture before giving you the ideal programme to get you in shape.

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All my programmes are tailor-made just for you and take into account your goals and exercise experience. I use a mixture of resistance training and high intensity exercises to burn fat and build muscle, all of this can be done in the gym, outside or at home as long as you have the space.


I believe that the only way to get the best out of your training programme is for you be following a healthy diet! All my diet plans are individual and take into account dietary requirements and allergies.


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FREE consultation

Postural analysis

BMR / BMI / Body fat % measurements

Nutrition advice & diet plan

Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a difficult journey and many people are unsure where to start. The first thing to understand is that it takes time and consistency to lose weight. ‘Quick fix’ diets may only work in the short-term and can potentially be very damaging to your health. Realistically you should be aiming for around 1-2 lbs a week of weight loss (depending on your starting weight) and this should be achieved through a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.

How do I work?

I use a mixture of resistance training and high intensity intervals to help you burn fat and build muscle effectively at the same time. Muscle is what gives the body its shape and different people will have different levels of muscle-building ability depending on sex, age and body type. Having a healthy diet is key, which is why I will lay out healthy eating guidelines for you before giving you a tailored diet plan to follow to help you reach your weight loss goal.

Meet Alex

I’ve been a personal trainer since May 2012. I have always been interested in fitness and mainly kept that to playing football and going to the gym throughout school and university. Whilst studying at university my course had a large focus on coaching and instructing, and eventually I managed to combine my interests of delivering sessions with my love of exercise and fitness to become a qualified personal trainer. I’m very passionate about what I do and try my hardest to get all my clients fantastic results.

My approach is based around building a programme that YOU can get along with. I appreciate that no two people are the same, therefore no two programmes I design would be the same either. With me you will get a bespoke training and nutrition plan that will get you where you want to be, whether that is getting in shape for a holiday or wedding, recovering from an injury or training for a 10k. My qualifications include:

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer (CYQ)
  • BSc (Hons) Sport Development with Coaching (Sheffield Hallam University)
  • Outdoor Personal Training (CYQ)

  • Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise (Premier Training)
  • Exercise Referral (CYQ)
  • Group Indoor Cycling (CYQ)

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