Does lifting weights make women bulky?

No. Woman simply don’t have enough testosterone in their body to become ‘bulky’. Lifting weights helps to build muscle and shape the body giving you a more defined look.

What’s the best exercise to lose fat around my stomach?

There is no one exercise that will magically burn fat off just one place, the best bet is to combine healthy eating with compound exercises such as squats, lunges, rows and pressing movements to get as many muscles working as possible. That way you are going to burn more calories during your session.

How long does each session last?

All sessions are for 60 minutes unless otherwise agreed (all prices are based on 60 min sessions).

I don’t like working out in gyms, can you train people outside?

Absolutely. I have plenty of equipment so we can train outside or at your home (depending on space).

I don’t like training on my own, can I come with friends?

I offer group training packages just for this! To find out about splitting the cost with friends, get in touch.